iPad Cantilever Mount

The Inspiration

The Thrifty Solution

$25 (plus oak wood scraps)


Tools & Supplies
  • power drill (or screw driver)
  • pre-drilling bit (to match screws that come with cantilever kit).
  • glue
  • bar clamps
  • table saw to rip stock to length OR miter saw that can accommodate 10" wide stock. 
  • router 
  • router table
  • 1/2" straight router bit
  • 3/4" straight router bit
  • round-over router bit (optional)
  • Sandpaper (100, 150, 220 grits)
  • Stain
  • wiping varnish 


Step 1: Cut all pieces (A, B1, & B2) to length.


Step 2: Using 1/2" straight router bit, put a 1/2" stop dado 3/8" deep into both B1 & B2.  Start the
            dado 1/4" from the edge of each piece, and stop the dado 1/4" before cutting thru.*  This
            will keep the iPad from sliding through the mount.
                 *One of the stop dados must be performed by plunging the bit 1/4" from the edge, and
                   then routing completely thru.  This way you have both stops in mirror locations once the
                   mount is assembled.

Step 3: Using 3/4" straight router bit, put a 3/8" deep rabbet into both B1 & B2 (opposite edge of the
            1/2" stop dado, but same surface side).  The bit must be flush with the outside edge of the
            piece to meet flush with 3/4" thick A stock once assembled.*
                 *Use a test piece to make sure rabbet isn't cut too far into the side of B1 & B2.  

Step 4 (Optional): Round-over ONLY the edges which will be the "outside" edges once the mount is
                 *DO NOT ROUND-OVER the edges which serve as the surface area for butt joints.
                   E.g. Do not round the 7-1/2" side inside edges of A.  See below.

Step 5: Align cantilever mounting piece to the back of A, and pre-drill for screws.


Step 6: Glue and clamp B1 & B2 to A.

Step 7: Sand entire assembly up to 220 grit sandpaper.  Now you can ease the remaining edges of the
            mount that were not rounded over.  Don't forget to ease the edges of the stop dado and inside
            edge of A.

Step 8 (Optional Finishes): Apply stain and tung oil, or stain and wiping varnish (recommended).
           Apply several coats of wiping varnish.  Sand with 220 grit, or finer, between coats.
Step 9: Secure cantilever mounting piece to the back of the A.  Secure cantilever arm to desired


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